Monday, January 2, 2017

For the Grieving

Psalm 6 is a psalm of David, and as such, it, as many of David's psalms, traverses an array of emotions. I was struck especially when I reached verse 6:

I am weary with my moaning, 
Every night I flood my bed with tears, 
I drench my couch with weeping. 

Listen to the language David uses - he's not just 'sad' - he is FLOODING his bed with TEARS, his couch is DRENCHED with weeping. He's been so miserable for so long he has reached the point of emotional exhaustion. How many of us have been in David's shoes here? We've been through times that were so difficult, so painful that all we could do was lay down and cry ourselves to sleep. And in those times when we were so desperate for an answer, a solution, a way many of us have cried out to God, asking....WHY? WHEN? HOW? .... and how many times, in that moment when we cried out to God, did we not get an answer?

Have you been there? I've been there. We don't always get an answer right when we want it, do we? But I have found, in that moment, is when I have the unique gift of an opportunity to grow my faith. Because in that moment when I am not getting an answer from God, I can start to listen to the lies of the enemy. He whispers to us 'God doesn't care.' 'You're not worth His time.' 'You're not worth His love.' But these are LIES. And David knows it! He shows us how to respond to those lies from the enemy that would try to steal our joy and kill our hope. Listen to how David addresses the enemy in verse 8:

Depart from me all you workers of evil, for the Lord has heard the sound of my weeping. 
The Lord has heard my plea, The Lord accepts my prayer.

He accepts your prayer. He hears your weeping. Have you ever experienced that type of misery that reveals to you your loneliness? When you're crying in your car or your office or your room, and suddenly a little part of your heart wishes that someone knew? Wishes that someone would walk in and see your pain and want to comfort you? Friend, you are not alone. You are not unknown. And your tears are collected, one by one, and stored by your Creator because you are that precious to Him. Why does He allow pain, then? Good question. And I think the answer is different for everyone, in every situation. But I believe one part of the answer always remains the same: because He hopes your pain will cause you to reach out to Him for hope and healing. He may not answer your prayer in that moment, but He does hear and He does accept! He loves and He cares, and that is a God worth putting our faith in. Worth trusting even when we don't have all the answers. Let's turn a deaf ear to the lies of the enemy and put our hope in Jesus.

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